August 2006

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We’ve decided that it would be a good idea for the ResNet team to have a blog, hosted outside the University, that we can update as and when there is scheduled maintenance or unexpected problems on ResNet.

This means that even if (very rarely we hope!) our internal network gets completely hosed, we can still update you about what’s gone wrong and what we’re doing to fix it. You can read it on your mobile phone with Internet access, or anywhere else, independent of ResNet.

We’ll also use the blog to discuss any tricky changes we make to ResNet – so you can comment and give ideas. So, if we propose to replace your ResNet connection with tin cans and wet string you can tell us we’re barmy. More seriously, if there are controversial issues – like how much we should restrain the small number of heaviest ResNet users in order to speed up the service for everyone else – we can debate it here.

Go to from anywhere to read the blog.