January 2007

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The University is looking for feedback from students – please help us with either of the following and get something for it 🙂

Spare an hour of your time and earn a £10 Borders voucher

We’re looking for volunteers to help evaluate a new University service
for students. If you’re chosen to take part in the evaluation,
we’ll give you a £10 Borders voucher!

To volunteer, you need to be:

  • A student at the University of Bristol
  • Free (and fairly flexible with your time) for an hour on either
  • February 21st or February 22nd 2007

The evaluation will take place at a central location in the University.

If you’re interested, please send your name and contact information
(email address or phone number) to Stuart Church at
stuartc@pureusability.co.uk (Pure Usability have been hired by the University for this evaluation)

We promise that your name and contact information will (i) be kept in strict confidence, (ii) never passed on to anyone else, and (iii) only used for the purposes of this evaluation.

Complete IS web survey and win a book token!

The IS website has recently been redesigned. In order to make sure that users are happy with our new site, and check that we have achieved our aims, we need your feedback!

Therefore we would really appreciate it if you could complete our online survey. All who do have the chance to enter into a prize draw for a £10 book token. The survey is open to all staff and students across the University, so please feel free to forward the survey link to friends and colleagues.

The survey should take no more than 10 minutes to complete and the closing date is Thursday 22 February.

Update – 10:02am
It’s all fixed.  Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

It seems that we’re having database problems at the moment, We can’t look up anyones details in the central university database.  From digging in the logs, it looks like the problem started at about 01:15 this morning. The following systems don’t work:

  • Manage My ResNet
  • ResNet in-room registration system

If you try to log in to either of these systems, you’re likely to get the following error message “Sorry, we couldn’t find anyone in the University database with that username”

We’re working with the database administration team to try and work out what the problem is and to fix it asap.

An online survey and test of “MyBristol”, the new University Portal is now available. The survey feedback will be used to further improve the Portal, which will be released for the autumn term 2007. If you would like to test the portal and give your feedback to improve it, please see the portal survey.

(updated by Nick 16/01/07)

ON Monday afternoon at 4.20pm we experienced a network outage of approximately 15 minutes. During this time all users of ResNet would have been unable to access any network services, including local services such as Blackboard. The problem affected large parts of the University network and not just ResNet.

The exact cause of this outage is not yet known, but some maintenance work was done first thing Tuesday morning to try and stop it happening again.

In the longer term, we are also working to re-engineer the links between ResNet and the rest of the University network so faults in one part of the network are less likely to affect us.

It’s that time of year when everyone returns to Bristol all bright and refreshed after the new year break! 😉
Some of you will have brought a new computer with you, and find that you’re having problems getting on ResNet. If that’s you, scroll down for some tips that should help.

If you’re having any other problems with your ResNet connection, our telephone helpdesk will be open 2pm-8pm Monday-Friday and we can fix a lot of problems over the phone.

We’re expecting it to be very busy on the phones next week (We’re expecting over 4000 people to try to connect at the same time!) so if you have trouble getting through to us, we’re very sorry, but please keep trying, we answer calls as quickly as we can!
How to reset your connection to work with a new computer

  • Use a friends connection to visit Manage My ResNet (http://manage.resnet.bris.ac.uk)
  • Log in using your UoB username and password.
  • Scroll down to “Connect a new computer to ResNet” and click the link. This will reset your connection to work with your new computer.
  • Switch on the new computer and go to http://register.resnet.bris.ac.uk/ to get it all up and working!

If you can’t access web pages, or only internal web pages

You may find that you can use Mulberry, MSN Messenger, etc but only access internal web pages (and if your home page is something from outside the university this will look as if the web is completely broken). This can happen if your computer looses the web proxy settings. It is easy to fix – see configuring your web browser to use the proxy server