September 2007

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ResNet is now up-and-running for autumn 2007! Many international students arrived this weekend, and several hundred have already connected to ResNet successfully.

ResNet packs have been delivered to Unite House, Chantry Court, Deans Court, Woodland Court and the nine halls of residence. Packs will be delivered to the student houses later today. If you need a pack please ask your hall office or Senior Tutor.

The pack contains everything you need to connect to ResNet.

If you need to pay your ResNet subscription, please visit us at the Computer Centre, Tyndall Avenue (10am – 5.30pm Mon-Fri.). You can connect to ResNet first and pay afterwards.

If you have any problems connecting, please telephone us on 89001 internal or email

This time last year, we took some time out from our hectic pre-freshers-week schedule to do a Jaffa Cake blind tasting. It’s a year on, and technology has advanced, so we thought it was time to investigate another of the big scientific mysteries of our age. Namely Jelly Babies.

We assembled a crack team of 14 researchers, 4 types of Jelly Baby from local confectionery merchants, a pile of postits, and got tasting!

Any serious scientist will tell you, if it doesn’t have a pretty graph, it’s not worth publishing it.


Jelly Baby Taste Test Results

A – Sainsburys own Brand
B – Half Pounders Brand sourced from a local newsagent
C – Bassetts
D – Haribo

As you can see from our graph, Our researchers found it very easy to identify the genuine Bassetts Jelly Babies, which were option C. Although they were more split about which was their favorite, voting equally for A and C.


ResNet taste test team

The Freewire IPTV service will be unavailable for most of tomorrow (Thursday 6th Sept). Apologies for the late notice on this, we’ve only just been informed by INUK, the service provider. The maintenance bulletin we’ve been sent is below:

Please be informed that essential maintenance has been scheduled on the Freewire Television service infrastructure on Thursday 6th September from 10.30am. This maintenance has been scheduled to migrate the live IPTV head-end to the new Freewire platform.

There is a planned downtime to the service as a result of this scheduled maintenance.

Whilst we believe that this work will be completed within the specified times, we nonetheless feel it prudent to make customers aware that this work is planned.

Maintenance Start: 10.30 on Thursday 6th September 2007

Maintenance End: 22.30 on Thursday 6th September 2007

Maintenance Window: 12 hours

Planned Downtime: 12 hours

UPDATE: Friday 7th Sept. We’ve been informed that maintenance will carry on until 1pm today (Friday). Sorry for this further delay.

UPDATE: Tuesday 11th Sept. We’ve been informed that the service from FreeWire is back up but we are having difficluties receiving the new streams. Our FreeWire techie will be looking at this tomorrow when he returns from holiday.

The same problem has reoccurred at Badock Hall as it did a couple of weeks ago.  There will be no  ResNet in Badock until power is restored.

There are some power problems affecting users in Tottenham place. A call has been logged with building services, and hopefuly should be fixed soon.

UPDATE : service was restored by 18:00

The ResNet service to the residences at Langford is currently unavailable. Our router providing the service stopped working at 1.30am on Monday morning. We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

We have a replacement router ready to swap out which will restore the service and are sending someone over to Langford right now to do so.

UPDATE: Service was restored by 12 noon on Monday.