November 2007

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We have had quite a few reports that some / all sites in China are running really slowly or not at all.

This is not a ResNet, University, JaNet or UK problem.



Above (click to make bigger) is a graph of latency (ms) and packet loss (colour) to we are currently seeing a 550ms ping time and 95% packet loss. This is not good. The packet loss is generally happening in the link between USA and China – and obviously we have no control over that!

This page will be updated when we have more info.

Update Tuesday @ 8am

Below is the new latency graph. It shows that there are still problems, again totally out of our control – sorry.
China Latency 2

Update Thrusday @ 11am

It seems that the packet loss today has dropped below 25% which is much better than the 95% we have been seeing. Sites are loading much more reliably now


My ResNet upgraded

We’ve just upgraded My ResNet to a newer, faster, prettier version. With My ResNet you can check your network usage (now with graphs), move your connection to another room, connect a different computer to your socket, and lots more.
Go to My ResNet to try it.

We’d love to hear from you if you have any ideas for improvements to My ResNet. What information would you like, or what tools would be useful? Please comment on our blog

Student Skills

Have you seen the new Student Skills website? There you will find ways to enhance your study skills, including IT Skills. Visit Student Skills to see the many learning opportunities provided free of charge by the Students’ Union, Careers Service, Information Services and others.

Back up your data

Imagine spilling a pint of beer over your laptop, perhaps destroying the hard disk in the process. What would you do if your 10,000 word dissertation was due in the following day, or you lost your entire collection of digital photos? There is no need for this to happen: make backup copies of your data to keep it safe. Backing up is easy to do. You can store backup copies on a USB pen drive, an external hard disk, on recordable CDs/DVDs, or elsewhere on the network/Internet.
For more advice on backups, see Backing up your data


Nick Skelton, ResNet Manager, & the ResNet team.

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve upgraded My ResNet to a newer, faster, prettier version!

The main improvements that you’ll notice are:

  • A new look and feel
  • The main page loads much faster than it did previously
  • “Check my network usage” is now much easier to understand than it was previously, and has interactive graphs!

If you notice anything that’s not working quite how you would expect it to, or have any comments about the new version (good or bad!) please get in touch. If it’s broken we want to fix it!

We have more improvements planned for My ResNet, but what we’d really like is some ideas from you, so if you’ve got any ideas let us know! some things you might want to think about include:

  • What information would you like which is currently missing?
  • What do you currently have to phone the helpdesk about, which we could make easier for you by giving you tools to do it for yourself?


Update: To save you the trouble of having to email us your feedback, we’re opening up the comments on this one! Let us know what you think of the new My ResNet using the form below…

Update 2008-03-25: Comments are now closed on this post, as the spammers have noticed it. Please email us your comments instead.

We will soon be running a pilot wireless version of ResNet in Northwell House. This will provide wireless Internet access to ResNet subscribers in study bedrooms, kitchens and other communal areas in Northwell House. We have selected Northwell because we needed a medium size residence for the pilot. This is in addition to the Wireless Hotspots already available on campus and in some public areas of the halls.

We want to run a pilot so that we can work out the best ways to provide wireless ResNet and get some feed back from students.

What are the benefits of Wireless ResNet?

  • We can provide access in common areas like kitchens
  • You can move your computer between rooms
  • We can provide access to more than one computer per person
  • We hope to provide access to a broader range of devices, such as some handheld computers and games consoles
Cabled ResNet Wireless ResNet
Higher speed You can use more than one computer
You can use FreeWire TV You can use mobile devices
Higher reliability Available in communal areas

Why run a pilot?
We need to be sure that Wireless ResNet will work before we roll it out to thousands of students! The trial gives us the opportunity to test our hardware and to collect feedback from the users participating in the trial. We are sure we will need to make adjustments throughout the trial, so we have a smooth launch and a great level of service when we are able to roll out Wireless ResNet to all residences.

Who can take part in the trial?
As mentioned above, the pilot is only available in Northwell House. Furthermore, only existing ResNet subscribers will be able to use Wireless ResNet.

What kind of computers are compatible with Wireless ResNet?
To start with, you will need Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mac OS X or Linux to be able to use Wireless ResNet on your computer. We hope to add support for many other devices later in the pilot.

How long will it be until Wireless ResNet is made available to all?
This will depend on information gathered in the trial, financial constraints and the time needed to install wireless equipment in 5000 rooms. Universal wireless access to all study bedrooms will be very expensive so we don’t know when we will be able to deliver it. We think it will be very popular among students, and we are running a pilot to find out how people use it. We do know that Wireless ResNet won’t be available in other residences at least for this academic year.

Will cabled ResNet be taken away when Wireless ResNet is turned on?
No. Wireless ResNet will not affect the existing cabled service. However, you will have the ability to use more than one computer, or to use your games console, handheld computer or smartphone on wireless ResNet. You will be able to use either service, or both services, as you please.

How much will Wireless ResNet cost?
For the duration of the trial, Wireless ResNet available for ResNet subscribers at Northwell House at no extra cost. You are helping us by testing out the service and providing feedback! We haven’t yet decided how much it will cost, or even if we will charge extra for Wireless ResNet when it made available to all residences.

I live at Northwell. What do I do to use the pilot?
For now, all we ask is that you fill in our survey. When the pilot is ready to go live, we will be in touch by email.

There seems to be something funny going on with our blog templates, I’m investigating – so the styling of this page may change without warning as I try to debug the problem…

Update: All done, everything should be back to normal.