March 2008

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We have just been informed that building services will be carrying out a series of electrical tests in Goldney Hall over the next 9 days. This may affect small numbers of ResNet users in Goldney as the network equipment is powered down. These types of tests are normaly fairly short, so we do not expect prolonged outages.

It looks as though one of our servers fell over at about 7am yesterday morning. We didn’t notice because we were all away for the bank holiday. Sorry about that.

The services affected include:

There are a number of other services which may have experienced problems, although those appear to have fallen over to backup servers.

We have a mechanism for rebooting servers from offsite, so I’m trying for a reboot now.

Update: Reboot complete, service should now be back to normal.

It seems we’ve been having problems with the ResNet Chat service all day.

It’s been doing some odd things, specifically with server2server chat (eg chatting to your mates on googletalk)

The problems became a little worse this evening and I’ve spent the last three quarters of an hour or so trying to breathe some life back in to the service.

I’m not getting very far.

I’ve managed to get it back to a point where you can connect, and it appears that you can chat to other ResNet chat users – but talking to external users still isn’t working.

I’m going to keep looking into it, but I’m rapidly becoming out of my depth – so I’ll be passing it on to a collegue in the morning.

Sorry for any inconvenience this causes!

Update 2008-03-04: We’ve spent all day looking at it, updating certificates, restarting this, fiddling with that – and it’s still broken. We’re going to try a cold reboot of the server tomorrow morning to see if that helps, but as far as we can tell it *should* be working. I will update again tomorrow morning.