January 2011

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Due to essential network maintenance there will be a number of short interruptions, less than five minutes, to the network services on:

Tuesday 1st February 2011 between 08:00 – 10:00

These interruptions will affect the following area:

* Wills Hall (Stoke Bishop)

Information Services would like to apologise for any disruption caused by this work which is part of a continued programme of improvement to the network service.

If you have any questions or require further details please contact the IT help-desk.

As part of a programme of continued improvement and upgrades to the network, there will be interruptions to the network service at Langford on:

Tuesday 25 January between 07:30 – 09:00

At this time there will be an interruption to the data network of up to an hour during which the main Langford router will be replaced.

This will affect the Academic and ResNet data network for the entire site.  The telephone service will be unaffected during this outage.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Update 2011-01-12 15:10 Because of the extent of the impact this work would have, it has been cancelled and will be rearranged for a later date.

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At 08:50 on Tuesday 11th Jan we lost power to our router that serves the following halls:

  • Hiatt Bakter Hall
  • Wills
  • University Hall
  • Badock Hall
  • Churchill Hall
  • Durdham
  • and any other smaller locations in the Stoke Bishop Area

It seems that there is a power upgrade going on in Hiatt Baker which is the hall that feeds all others in Stoke Bishop.  Current estimate is that power will be down for 8 hours.  We are working through options for a temporary solution but given the short notice this may not be possible.  This post will be updated as and when we know more.

Update 09:30

It seems that this was a planned outage which we were not informed of.  Power has been restored and we assume the upgrade has been postponed.  Further updates when available.

It seems that one of our servers which provides My ResNet, the in-room registration system  and DNS for half of ResNet fell over on Friday evening.  Some people will have experienced slow connections as their connections failed over to the secondary DNS server.

As the office isn’t staffed at weekends, I only happened to notice it by chance.  I’ve restarted the server and normal service was restored at around 14:45 on Sunday.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

The ResNet Service at Hillside Woodside is currently unavailable.

This appears to be because the connection between Hillside Woodside and the rest of the university goes through Burwalls, and Burwalls currently has the power turned off due to some flooding.

We’ll update this post when we’ve got more information.

Update 2011-01-05: Following a site visit by our networking team, it is due to the flooding at Burwalls.  The pipe which burst was directly above part of the equipment which maintains the link back to the campus.  We’re currently trying to determine how best to go about replacing the damaged equipment.

As we don’t have any spares for that kit, it’s looking like we’re talking days to fix it rather than hours.  More info as and when we get it.

Update 2011-01-05: We’ve managed to acquire a replacement for the damaged kit (just about!  We managed to get the last one in stock!) They’re going to ship it out to us tomorrow, so with a bit of luck we should be able to get it fitted in time for the weekend.

Update 2011-01-07: The replacement hardware has been delivered…

Update 2011-01-07: The replacement hardware has been fitted, and service has been restored to Hillside Woodside.