November 2011

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About 25 of the servers which run ResNet are running *really* slowly at the moment (for various complicate and convoluted reasons) this means that customers may notice the following:

  • The ResNet DNS servers are slow and unresonsive, which effectively means that your connection may function slowly, or even not at all.
  • The My ResNet control panel ( is slow and unresponsive
  • The ResNet Activation System ( is slow and unresponsive
  • Most of  our backend troubleshooting tools are playing up as well, which makes troubleshooting individual problems difficult for the Service Desk
  • The Wireless ResNet authentication servers are caught up in this as well, so ResNet Wireless may also be unusable

Because of the widespread nature of the problem, we’re expecting it to affect all ResNet customers (Wired and Wireless)

We’re aware of the problem, and are doing everything we can to restore service as quickly as possible.  I’ve already started planning ways to stop the same issue hitting us again in the future.

Update: 21/11/2011 17:13
Good news and bad news.  The good news is that the load issues are beginning to resolve themselves and DNS seems to be back to normal.  The bad news is that somewhere in the last 2 hours we hit a (separate, but related) problem which means none of our web servers are currently running (so www.resnet/my.resnet/go.resnet etc are still dead)

We’ve got a lead on that problem though, and are working to get them back up again.

Update: 21/11/2011 17:50
And we’re back in business!   Sorry for the inconvenience everyone.

Over the last few months the ResNet team have been working with A2Dominion and cabling contractors on a plan to install ResNet Wireless in Deans Court.  Starting on Friday 18th November our contractors will be on-site installing cabling
and 30 Wireless Access Points to flat hallways – access should not be required to your room so the disruption should be minimal.

We do not have a completion date but hope the installation will be completed before the end of the term (16th December 2011).

Adding wireless to Deans Court will increase Residential wireless coverage from 68% to just over 75%

For more information on ResNet Wireless please visit <>

This post will be updated with any useful information as and when we have some.

 Update 09-12-2011
All cables have been installed but only some have been terminated. Swicthes are installed. We are a waiting for completion of cable termination which we expect to be next week. Looks like we are on target for completion by the end of this term 🙂

 Update 20-12-2011
The installation of Wireless ResNet was completed late last week and 28 of the 30 access points are now up and we’ve seen over 60 people using them already. We are looking into fixing the two that have never come alive either today or tomorrow. We hope you enjoy using Wireless ResNet.

Just before 4pm today Hillside Woodside’s ResNet connection failed due to a power outage in the Burwalls comms room.  We are currently investigating this outage and hope to have this connection restored as soon as possible.  When we know the exact nature of the problem we’ll update this post.  Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

[Update 17:10 15/11/2011]

Our network team has arrived on site and have found that the fuse board that supplies our kit has tripped.  It’s now up to the electrical maintenance guys to reinstate power.  Once this is done ResNet connections should be back automatically.

[Update 20:21 15/11/2011]

It looks as though power has been restored, and Hillside Woodside has come back up.

On Tuesday 22nd November, between 07:00 and 08:45, all wireless services on campus and in residences will be switched off whilst a routine system software update is applied.


MyResNet is a control panel to manage your ResNet connection. With MyResNet you can transfer your connection if you move rooms or get a new computer, check your usage, print receipts, connect a wireless console, and buy top-ups for your connection, such as an upgrade to ResNet Max or additional transfer allowance.

Go to to try it out!

AskIT – community IT support

AskIT! is a new way to get help with ResNet, wireless, and your own IT equipment. AskIT is particularly suitable for less urgent or more specialist problems. If your ResNet connection doesn’t work please give us a ring, but if you can’t get email on your mobile try AskIT. AskIT is a community support site, so you can contribute your own expertise and help other people who own the same equipment as you.

To try AskIT go to

MyMobileBristol – campus info on your mobile phone

MyMobileBristol is a mobile webapp for the University. It includes info useful on the move, such as maps of the campus, locations of wireless hotspots, and live bus departure info for the whole city. It is designed for recent smartphones such as the iPhone and Android devices.

To try MyMobileBristol go to on your mobile.