December 2011

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The database server used by a large number of ResNet systems is currently experiencing problems.  The issues started at around 17:18pm on Weds 14th December.

Until the issues can be resolved, the following ResNet services are unavailable:

  • The My ResNet Control Pannel ( will be completely unavailable
  • The ResNet Activation System ( will be completely unavailable
  • All helpdesk troubleshooting tools will be unavailable
  • Various back-end scripts are failing, and may result in strange behaviour from the bandwidth monitoring systems (the ResNet Gadget/RSS feeds won’t be updating) , the network status monitoring, DHCP updates will not happen etc.
Because ResNet don’t run the database server, it’s a little out of our hands at the moment.  The issue has been reported to the database team, and we will update this page as and when we have more information.
Update: 2011-12-15 09:35
The issue seems to be resolved (for now) and our systems seem to be working again.  However, reports from the database team suggest an underlying problem which they are continuing to investigate.

Over the last few months the ResNet team have been working with A2Dominion and cabling contractors on a plan to install ResNet Wireless in Woodland Court.  Starting on Thursday 8th December our contractors will be on-site installing cabling
and 21 Wireless Access Points to flat hallways – access should not be required to your room so the disruption should be minimal.

We do not have a completion date but hope the installation will be completed before Christmas 2011.

Adding wireless to Woodland Court will increase Residential wireless coverage from 75% to just over 80%

For more information on ResNet Wireless please visit <>

This post will be updated with any useful information as and when we have some.

Update 20-12-2011
The cabling contractor has now completed their installation. We are waiting for the switches to be configured so we’ll update this post as soon as we have more info.

Update 21-12-2011
The wireless should now be alive and ready to use. Connect to the ResNet-Setup network and open your web browser. Go to to activate your ResNet Wireless connection.

Merry Christmas to everyone at Woodland Court!

We are experiencing a network issue that is affecting Deans Court North block.  All other Deans Court blocks are fully working.  We are looking into this problem and will update this post later on today with any further information.

We apologise for the inconvenience.

[Update 14:10 05/12/2011]

The connection to Deans Court North has been restored.