April 2012

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There will be some maintenance work happening on the electrical supply to Wills Hall, The Holmes and Durdham Hall on the 13th Feb 2012.

Mains power is expected to be off from 09:30-11:00 at The Holmes and from 12:00-13:30 at Wills/Durdham Hall.

As they’re switching the power off to the site, all the data networking equipment will be powered down as well.  This means that ResNet Wired, ResNet Wireless, VisitorNet and the Halls Admin network in these locations will be unavailable for the duration of the work.  Telephone service may also be interrupted.

Over the last few months the ResNet team have been working with Unite and cabling contractors on a plan to install ResNet Wireless in Unite House and Chantry Court. Starting on Wednesday 11th April our contractors will be on-site installing cabling and over 50 Wireless Access Points to flat hallways – access should not be required to your room so the disruption should be minimal.

We do not have a completion date but hope the installation will be completed before the end of the Easter Vacation.

Adding wireless to these properties will increase Residential wireless coverage from 80% to just over 95%

For more information on ResNet Wireless please visit

This post will be updated with any useful information as and when we have some.

Update 23/4/2012

We currently have all but 2 of the 51 wireless access points installed in Unite House and Chantry Court fully working.  We are working on the 2 that are not happy and hope to have them up soon.  We can see that 171 of you have used the wireless already which is great.  If you’ve not used ResNet wireless then you can do so by connecting to the ResNet-Setup wireless signal and visiting go.resnet.bristol.ac.uk.

Update 8/5/2012

Okay, all wireless access points in Unite House and Chantry Court are up and running – they were last week, I just forgot to update this post.  If you are having any problems connecting then we have pages to help connect.  If you’re having problems with signal strength then there is a survey that will help us identify problem areas.


On Tuesday 17 April, from 7am – 9am significant maintenance work is planned to the network infrastructure.

There will be two breaks of up to 20 minutes each which will affect Internet connectivity for the entire university.  This includes ResNet Wired, ResNet Wireless, VisitorNet, Eduroam and access from campus PCs/public computer rooms.

Full news item at:  http://www.bris.ac.uk/it-services/news/2012/janet3april.html

IT Services apologises for any inconvenience this work may case. If you have any questions or issues regarding this work please contact the IT Service Desk.

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