At 12:00, Weds 17th April we lost all connectivity to the Stoke Bishop Halls.  We’re investigating, but currently the following services are not available:

  • ResNet Wired internet access
  • ResNet Wireless internet access
  • Eduroam
  • UOB telephones
  • Halls Admin connections

All residences at Stoke Bishop are offline, including:

  • Hiatt Baker
  • University Hall
  • Badock
  • Churchill
  • The Holmes
  • Durdham
  • Wills Hall
  • Grounds and Gardens Offices
  • Downs Workshop

We don’t have much information, but we’ve got a network engineer on his way to site to see what’s going on.  We’ll update this blog post as and when we get details.

Update Weds 17th, 12:44
It appears that all the fibre runs which connect Stoke Bishop halls back to the main campus have been cut through.  We’re currently trying to locate the position of the break, and will be liaising with our fibre contractor to get a fix put in place.  We don’t have any timescales for a fix at this stage, but will know more when we’ve been in touch with our contractors.  More updates to follow when we have them.

Update Weds 17th, 14:42
We’ve identified the location of the break (which is in the middle of the Hiatt Baker 2 building site) and our contractors are currently digging a bypass trench so they can splice in a repair to the fibre.   They will be laying the bypass duct much deeper than the existing duct, which was surprisingly close to the surface.  If all goes to plan, we’re hoping service can be restored by 7pm, but we’ll continue to update this post when more information becomes available.

We’ve just been sent this photo of the damage:


Update Weds 17th, 17:58 (Mark, ResNet Manager)

Netwoking has been restored for all of Stoke Bishop.  Thank you to everyone who helped get this serious loss of service up and running again in a very short period of time – Fibre splicing is not easy!

And a welcome quote from Professor Robert Mayhew, Warden of Churchill Hall:

“Dear Mark,

Just to echo what you said on the Resnet blog, I am really impressed by the speed with which the Networking team managed to resolve this issue. The level of information for staff on the ground was also first class!”