Update 2014-01-24 10:50am As of about 10:45am the replacement server is up and handling DNS queries so we’re back in business.

Sorry for the disruption!

We had some maintenance scheduled for 9am-10am this morning, which would have resulted in slow DNS performance for a small number of users for a comparatively short amount of time.

Unfortunately we hit some issues, the work over-ran, and then the last stage of the work failed completely rendering a DNS server unbootable.

As a result, ResNet Wired is currently running on only one DNS server.

The server which is missing is the primary for 50% of ResNet, so half of our customers will be seeing slower than usual internet access as it’s taking longer than usual to resolve domain names.

We’re in the process of building a replacement server, and we hope to have normal service restored as soon as possible.

This issue does not affect the wireless network.