March 2014

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We’ve recently changed the DNS Servers used by ResNet, to some new servers running on some much better hardware.

Most peoples computers have moved seamlessly over to the new DNS servers, but there are less than 20 computers still trying to use the old servers. We’ve done all we can to encourage these computers to start using the new servers but it looks like they’re not configured in our recommended manner so will need manual intervention to move.

The old servers have now been switched off, and when we do so things will break for that small handful of machines. If your ResNet Wired connection stops working, here’s what you need to do.

  1. Reboot your computer. In some cases this will cause it to pick up the new settings automatically
  2. Check your network settings, and make sure you’re set to “obtain DNS server addresses automatically”

If restarting doesn’t work, and your connection is already set to “obtain DNS server addresses automatically” check to see what DNS Servers you’ve been given.

They should start with “137.222.8.x” – if they start with “172.16.67.x” your computer hasn’t picked up the new servers properly. If this is the case, give the IT Service Desk a call, or take your computer along to the Laptop Clinic and we’ll try and help you work out why.

Part of the infrastructure which runs the ResNet back end has developed a hardware fault, some of the services it’s running are currently in a degraded state. We need to move services off it asap.

The following services are affected:

– – will be unavailable for up to an hour while we move it
– – will be unavailable for up to an hour while we move it
– DNS (ResNet Wired) will be in a degraded state, and web browsing for 50% of currently connected ResNet customers will be slower than usual
– DHCP (ResNet Wired) will be working, in a non-resilient state
– The ResNet channel in will be unavailable for up to an hour while we move it

Various other administrative tools (eg the troubleshooting system used by the Service Desk when troubleshooting ResNet connection problems) will also be affected.

Important: Wireless is not affected at all, so if you’re experiencing wired connection issues – try the wireless.

Updates will follow as we get them.

Update 24th March, 16:15
– – is now available again
– – is now available again
– The ResNet channel in is now available again
– DNS/DHCP (ResNet Wired) – This is now back in service in a non-resilient manner (both the primary and secondary are on the same hypervisor) which will get us through tonight but isn’t ideal in the long term.

Update 24th March, 16:56
We’ve started to move people onto a new pair of DNS servers to improve resilience and reduce the load on the non-resilient hypervisor. Early indications are that the new servers are performing nicely and that people are moving across to them smoothly as their DHCP lease renews.

Update 25th March, 10:51
The temporary hardware we used to restore service yesterday is overcommitted and while it’s working, it’s at the limit of what it can handle. We will be moving services off it today onto a more permanent home, and we’ll try to minimise downtime while we do so.

Update 26th March, 09:28
Some services are taking substantially longer than expected to migrate. We kicked off the migration of 3 VMs last night, and they’ve still not fully completed. The following services are currently unavailable:
– – (still migrating)
– – (still migrating)
– redirects (the content is still available at

Update 26th March, 11:00
Everything is back up on new hardware.